Slimaxe fat burner
fat burner benefits
slimaxe weight loss supplement
slimaxe weight loss for men women
slimaxe certificate
slimaxe certificate
fat burner capsule
fat burner supplement
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Slimaxe fat burner
fat burner benefits
slimaxe weight loss supplement
slimaxe weight loss for men women
slimaxe certificate
slimaxe certificate
fat burner capsule
fat burner supplement

Pro Lean Series Slimaxe Fat Burner 90 Capsules

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A POWERFUL COMBINATION: Slimaxe Pro is a Thermogenic fat burner which contains Natural Caffeine , Chlorogenic , Coleus Forskohlii , L-Theanine , Cococa Bean , Bacopa , Ginger , Raspberry & Piperine. It is Allergen Free. Material Features: Vegetarian, Container type: Bottle. Product Benefit: Support Weight Loss.

4 WAY MECHANISM OF ACTION: It works on 4 way action of burning fat. Firstly speeds up metabolism. Secondly suppresses hunger. Third breaks down fat cells to convert it into energy. Finally burns calories to generate heat in the body.

AN IDEAL FAT BURNER FOR MEN & WOMEN: It is the ideal fat burner and weight loss supplement for men and women. It works on all types of fat stored on your body like belly fat, arms fat, thigh fat and supports achieve weight loss goals.

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VitaminHaat Slimaxe Pro Lean: An advanced weight management blend

You might be sweating it out like crazies but still feel that you are not close enough to your fitness goal. Burning the stubborn fat required extra effort, a balanced diet, and a little push that VitaminHaat Slimax Pro Lean advanced Burner can provide you. This potent weight loss formula is your best bet to get rid of the excess body fat and get in perfect shape. It is enriched with ingredients like Natural Caffeine , Chlorogenic , Coleus Forskohlii , L-Theanine , Cococa Bean , Bacopa , Ginger , Raspberry & Piperine that help in suppressing appetite and boost metabolism to support healthy fat loss. With a faster metabolism, it’s easier to convert all the deposited fat into energy units that can help you survive the gruelling workout sessions.

A blend of powerful ingredients

VitaminHaat Slimax Pro Lean Burner has a blend of proven weight management ingredients ranging from Natural Caffeine , Chlorogenic , Coleus Forskohlii , L-Theanine , Cococa Bean , Bacopa , Ginger , Raspberry & Piperine and herbal extracts. What makes Slimaxe advanced Burner an advanced formula is its selection of ingredients & its potency. To see results, these ingredients need to be consumed in effective quantities which is something you can easily obtain through VitaminHaat Slimax Pro Lean Burner. These ingredients will help suppress appetite, boost metabolism, support fat loss and keep your energy levels high.


SLIMAXE - FAT BURNER PRO LEAN Series is a Scientifically designed formula to achieve enhanced weight loss by boosting fat metabolism and controlling food intake.

The serving of Vitaminhaat Slimaxe Fat Burner – Pro Lean series serves a blend of scientifically proven natural ingredients, backed by modern science and ayurveda principles to maximize weight loss. The Powerful blend serves fat metabolising Caffeine, Bacopa, Coleus, Green Coffee, Ginger, Raspberry Ketones, L Theanine, Cococa Bean and Piperine in each serving increases the Bio Availability of all Ingredients.

Enhancing Focus : Bacopa and Caffeine helps in enhancing the focus and energy for the intense body building workout session of athletes.

Enhanced Fat Metabolism : The Powerful blend of Caffeine, Bacopa, Coleus, Green Coffee, Ginger, Raspberry Ketones, L Theanine and Cococa Bean serves fat metabolism.

Vitaminhaat SLIMAXE Fat Burner with Garcinia Cambogia is an all - natural fat burner, which makes it safe to use.

This supplement contains GarniciaCambogia, Green Tea extracts, Grape seed extract, Caynene Pepper and Piperine which boost fat metabolism effectively.

There are no added stimulants such as caffeine in Vitaminhaat SLIMAXE Fat Burner. SLIMAXE Fat Burner can be included in your weight loss diet plan.

SLIMAXE Fat Burner works as an effective appetite suppressant to help manage an effective weight loss diet plan.

The unique blend of ingredients in Vitaminhaat SLIMAXE Fat Burner with Garcinia Cambogia keep your energy levels high to help you train harder.

SLIMAXE is a Fat Burner helps in weight loss.

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Each box of Vitaminhaat SLIMAXE PRO fat burner online contains 90 unflavored capsules with no added flavors.


Caffeine Extract, Ginger Extract, Bacopa Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, L- Theanine, Raspberry Ketones, BacopaMonneri Extract, Coleus Forshkolii-20%, Piperine-95%, Anti-caking agent (INS 553 (iii)), Binder (INS 1201), Lubricant (INS 470 (i)), Anti-caking agent (INS 551), Diluent (INS 460 (i)), Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (INS 464).


Buying Guide


For a leaner Body with ENRGY Burst !

Working hard at Gym to achieve that stunning chiselled body shape? Then what you need is a quick action to burn all those extra fat deposits. Though it is possible with combination of diet and exercise, but an effective fat burner supplement can catalyse and accelerate the entire process.They function and supplement in building your metabolism, allowing you to metabolise all the fat deposits into energy units which can will fuel your gruelling workout athletic sessions.

SLIMAXE Pro is an highly effective weight-loss formula and it is comprisedwith ingredients like Powerful blend serves fat metabolising Caffeine, Bacopa, Coleus, Green Coffee, Ginger, Raspberry Ketones, L Theanine, Cococa Bean and Piperine in each serving increases the Bio Availability of all Ingredients.

Upon the recommended usage, SLIMAXE PRO capsules can be extremely supportive in reducing weight by giving a boost to the metabolism of your body and burning out the storage and generation of fat cells.

SLIMAXE PRO is fortified with L-Theanine, a non-essential amino acid that supports in maintaining the formation of fat cells and reduces cortisol level which is the key factor leading to obesity. This product also contains 140mg caffeine which acts as a hunger suppressor and accelerates calorie burning. Combination of Green Coffee Beans extract and Cocoa Bean extracts helps in increasing the body’s fat metabolism. The presence of Ginger extracts and Piperine in this product boost the body’s rate of burning calories by enhancing thermogenesis.

SLIMAXE PRO contains highly powerful Coleus Forskholii root extract-20% which helps in weight loss by creating enzymes known as adenylate cyclase and lipase. These enzymes are responsible for flushing out fatty acids from the cells in the body so that they can be burned and utilised as fuels. It supports in fat burning and reduction without having any adverse impact on the lean muscle mass.


  • Supports in burning calories: SLIMAXE PRO Burner is fuelled with caffeine to support weight loss by accelerating burning calories. Each capsule offers 140mg of caffeine that helps in suppressing hunger and boosts calorie burning so that you lose weight naturally and reach the ideal weight.
  • Accelerates the metabolism of fats: SLIMAXE PRO Burner contains Cocoa Bean Extracts and Green Coffee bean extracts that help in boosting fat metabolism in your body. It is full of an enzyme called CGA that aids in weight loss by bringing down blood glucose levels and boosting fat metabolism. Each capsule offers 120mg of green coffee bean extracts.
  • Works effectively towards suppressing false hunger: Vitaminhaat SLIMAXE PRO LEAN FAT BURNERis enriched withRaspberry Ketones and L-Theanine which contains non-essential amino acids that supports in generating fat cells and lowering the cortisol levels. It suppresses false hunger and uses the fat stored in the body to generate fuel and energy.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels and aids in weight loss: Vitaminhaat SLIMAXE PRO LEAN FAT BURNER is fortified with Ginger, Black Pepper extracts that accelerates the calorie-burning rate of the body by boosting thermogenesis. It is enriched with high percentage coleus forskholii, which supports in weight loss by producing enzymes named lipase and adenylate cyclase. It also contains Cocoa Beans extracts that help in preventing oxidative stress and help in bringing down the cholesterol levels to aid in weight loss.

How to consume?

The recommended usage is two capsules a day or as suggested by your dietitian. Make sure that your fat burner is accompanied by a low-calorie diet for best results.

When to consume?

It is advised that you consume the SLIMAXE PRO LEAN FAT Burner capsule before your breakfast early morning and once prior to your workout. As the product contains caffeine, refrain from consuming this at-least 5 hours before sleeping.

Dosage and Directions to Consume Fat Burners :

It is always advised to start off with a low dosage of fat burners. Fat burners are specially formulated to provide you with the right quantity of various ingredients facilitating fat loss. Also, consuming more fat loss supplements doesn't mean you are going to burn up fats at a faster pace. Make sure you follow a certain cycle of usage or consumption and get the best results in a shorter time. Just in case you are on a certain medication, do visit a doctor for proper prescription regarding the consumption of fat burners.


Vitaminhaat SLIMAXE PRO LEAN Series - Fat Burner

Q. When to Consume Vitaminhaat SLIMAXE PRO Fat Burner?

A. One can consume two capsules each day or required for your body. It is best to consume one capsule with a glass of water with the largest meals of your day, which is your lunch and dinner.

Q. How is Vitaminhaat SLIMAXE PRO Fat Burner with Caffeine, 90 capsules Unflavoured different from other fat burners?

A. This supplement contains all natural ingredients, like Caffeine, a fat burner, which speeds up the breakdown or catalysis of fatty acids in the adipose tissue – thighs, buttock area and belly fat. Once the fatty acids are broken these can be easily burned up by our body to create energy for all types of strenuous exercises. Also it has added ingredients likeBacopa, Coleus, Green Coffee, Ginger, Raspberry Ketones, L Theanine, Cococa Bean and Piperinewhich help boost fat metabolism with Energy Burst to keep one focused.

Q. How will it help in Burning fat?

A. With this advance Fat burner supplement formula, your metabolism is boosted naturally with its unique combination of ingredients. Consuming stored fats as fuel to give the additional calories that are required in supporting a high rate of metabolism.

Q. Does it support weight management?

A. The natural ingredients that are present in Vitaminhaat SLIMAXE Fat Burner with Caffeine and Coleus, 90 capsules Unflavoured help suppress hunger. With accelerated fat metabolism, and you also stay satiated for a longer period. This supports you to maintain your weight loss diet and manage your weight effectively.

Q. What Kind Of Diet Should I Use To Ensure Best Results When Using Slimaxe Fat Burners?

A. SLIMAXE BURNER not only helps you burn more fat and give you energy but it might also help to reduce your cravings for junk, enabling you to stick to a good diet.

For best fat-loss results, eat lean proteins at each meal and snack (like fish, lean meat, chicken, eggs and other protein supplements). Also cut down on all sugars in your diet and decrease your intake of starchy carbohydrates (so eat less bread, pastries, potatoes, rice, pasta, corn, etc.). Keep adjusting your sugar and starchy carbohydrates downward until you are consistently losing weight.

To further decrease hunger and for general health and gut function, eat plenty of green and other non-starchy vegetables and few fruits.

Q. Can I Take SLIMAXE PRO Burners With Other Supplements?

A. SLIMAXE BURNERs can be taken along with most other supplements as long as they do not contain caffeine or other stimulants. But it is always advisable to consult a doctor before consuming Fat burners along with other supplements.

Q. Can I Take Far Burners If I Have High Blood Pressure?

A. If you are diagnosed with High blood pressure or you are on medication for blood pressure, then we recommend you consult to your doctor or nutritionist or dietician before using any kind of nutritional supplement.

Q. Can Diabetics Use Fat Burner?

A. If you are diabetic or on medication, then it is strongly recommended to consult to a doctor or nutritionist or dietician before consuming any kind of supplements. Few ingredients in FAT BURNER’s may increase the effect insulin has on blood sugar, so this could affect energy levels in diabetics.

Q. Can Women Take Fat Burners?

A. FAT BURNERs generally work for both men and women. But again, it comes to your morphology, so it is advisable to consult to your doctor first. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is not recommended to consume Fat Burner’s.

Q. How does Caffeine Affect the Body Fat?

A. Caffeine, a fat burner, speeds up the breakdown or catalysis of fatty acids in the adipose tissue –thighs, buttock area and belly fat, in short. Once the fatty acids are broken these can be easily burned up by our body to create energy for all types of strenuous exercises.

Q. What Are Fat Burners?

A. FAT BURNERs are drugs, herbs, nutritional supplements or blend of these ingredients which increases the amount of heat produced within the human body. FAT BURNERs are also promoted as thermogenic? or appetite suppressants. These products can facilitate weight loss by increasing metabolism, boosting energy, target body receptor cells and release stored fat. To maximize their effectiveness, combine the ingredients that work synergistically to enhance both fat release and elimination.

We are giving a breakup of the most popular fat-burning ingredients by their mode of action. Apart from cutting edges, it enhances energy, improves mood, and even makes you stronger in the gym.

Benefits of Consuming fat burners:

  • Curbs appetite
  • Boosts the fat burning capacity of the body
  • Bolstered stamina when working out

Mostly, the main ingredient which is present in fat burners is Caffeine. It helps in increasing the metabolism of the body resulting in fat loss. The body uses this fat as a fuel for further production of energy leading to weight loss. Fat Burners provide energy for exercises, strenuous physical training sessions and other calorie-burning activities.

Q. How Long I Need To Consume Fat Burners?

A. Fat burner’s contain stimulants. So, this makes it a good idea to cycle them over time. But why we need to cycle stimulant products? The fact behind this cycling is that the body would adapt to the energy-boosting effects of these stimulants, and thus making them less effective in showing up the results. Continuous use of Fat Burner’s leads you to increase your serving size in order to get that same energized effect that you used to.

Just even taking 1-2 weeks off could make a lot of difference to regain the effectiveness of the Fat burner.


Just because supplements like caffeine and yohimbinehcl help free up more fat from your fat cells, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be burned off all which is released. You also need to ramp up your calorie burning, which forces your body to use that freed-up fat as a main fuel source.


With all that freed-up fat floating around, sometimes as increase in calorie burn isn’t enough to ensure that it all gets eliminated. This supplement can help to maximize the amount of fat transported to these energy centres.


Fat loss is a constant battle of burning off more than you consume and store. So while it's a good idea to use supplements that free up and burn more fat, you should also consider using supplements that decrease the amount of fat your body stores in utmost priority.

Vitaminhaat - From The Manufacturer

Vitaminhaat is striving to be a leader in Natural Health Supplements and Sports Nutrition Segment. Its prime focus is to offer the best bodybuilding supplements like Mass Gainers, Weight Loss, Pre-workout and Post Workout and more.

Founded in 2017, Vitaminhaat has become synonymous with product quality, authenticity and cutting-edge performance products at the best available rates. This has been possible due to our stringent adherence to manufacture the purest ingredients and the finished products at our manufacturing plants with use of quality processes –all this to guarantee genuine and quality products, every time.

We have an edge over other similar brands as the end product is made at our own FSSAI, HACCP – a certified state-of-the-art plant, to ensure Vitaminhaat is the best sports supplement brand.

The aim of Vitaminhaat is to bring forward international grade of fitness supplements in India. This focus and passion resulted in Vitaminhaat from their experience of last 20 years in the International Business.

Vitaminhaat has many products in their range, including:

  • Vitaminhaat Whey Protein
  • Vitaminhaat Mass Gainer
  • Vitaminhaat Weight Gainer
  • Vitaminhaat BCAA and more…

To create a path-breaking formulation with unmatched taste, Vitaminhaat ensures to manufacture its products under the guidance of best pharmaceutical experts. It continues to delight their customers with great resulting supplements that are known for their best flavors.

Customer Satisfaction

Vitaminhaat supplements undergo strict quality checks before it reaches you. To provide more power and quality products, Vitaminhaat not only takes purity seriously but also guarantees it.

Vitaminhaat is your trusted fitness partner, as it takes a lot for a supplement to become a Vitaminhaat supplement.

Where to Buy Vitaminhaat Fat Burner?

You can buy Vitaminhaat fat burner online on or,,,, Paytm. You can compare different costs and products before you buy a fat burner online. With Vitaminhaat, you can be assured of exclusive discounts and unmatchable offers. You also have the advantage of having the products delivered to your doorstep.


4 Reviews

Amazing product
This is an amazing product when compared to all the other brands of fat burners

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Fiting in my favourite garments....☺️ So definitely powerful and Effective

Very good
Saw good results in few weeks use.

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Good product
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