Vitaminhaat is promoting health and wellbeing by delivering the finest Supplement directly at your doorstep.

We are catering to specific needs of babies, kids, women, men and our aged population. These products are brought to you after total quality assessments by team of experts from Health and Beauty, Dietary Supplements and Nutrition, Ayurveda and Herbal Industry. We specialize in delivering nutritional supplements and ayurvedic herbal formulas and are catering to export markets for last 15 years. Specific vitamins and supplements have distinctive health benefits as proven by modern science. We have authentic products as mostly products are tested by European and American Labs.

VitaminHaat have fulfilled all health & wellness needs of million people in India. We serve millions of customers through our dedicated online and offline channels to ensure that they are able to reach their fitness goals, whether they are general or specific.

Our Quality


Personalized Guidance Every individual is different basis on various social determinants. We support our products with scientific evidence from thousands of studies to meet all your health goals. Our Nutritionist will provide you the personalized guidance to assist you in fulfilling your health & wellness goals.

Facts We provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice of supplement through our product labels.

Ingredients Our professional team experts study many of scientific researches to design all the supplements for you. All the benefits of each ingredients are evaluated and only the most potent forms are included in VitaminHaat’s products. Know More



To provide our consumers the product at the best of the quality with breakthrough nutrition science in demand by the millennials, Always innovating & NEVER to have “its ok” Attitude.

VitaminHaat products are developed with a plan to provide complete efficacious dose of nutraceuticals with pharma precision and concentration developed from the House of well-known and genuine pharmaceutical company, Varion Food Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

  1. GMP
  2. HACCP
  3. FSSAI
  4. Koshar 
  5. Non GMO
  6. FDA    Know More


Our Journey started in the year 2006, when started our operations for 100% US markets. Most of our Products which we manufacture and export are not presently manufactured or marketed in India.

Our main focus and line of products are directed for Sports Nutrition and Professional Athletes, which were mostly imported from US and other countries. When we did the market research and our regular interactions with the Athletes who are participating in various contents in India and abroad, there main concern was that most of the costly products are imported and sometimes there are duplicate products being marketed. That’s where on request of few select Professionals we started launching our line of products in India. Know More


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