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Short-Term Memory Loss vs Long-Term Memory Loss

Do we ever wondered why some people easily remember the name of their first grade best friend from 40 years ago – yet when they walk into a room, they will suddenly forget why they’re there? Or have you experienced it yourself? It may seem how old people remember information so mundane yet forget those that are actually worthy at this point in life.

Short-term and long-term memory loss have the same effect yet different characteristics that may affect the individual’s way of dealing with other people or situations happening around.


Differences between short-term memory loss and long-term memory loss

Short-term memory is the capacity to hold small amounts of information in the brain.  Long-term memory is a different type of memory in which you hold information in your brain from the past. Each of these types of memories is very important to us and a person can lose each type of memory for different reasons.

It is common for the aging brain to begin to lose short-term memory.  This short-term memory loss can cause issues such as forgetting where you set your car keys to forgetting that you had a medication to take.

Long-term memory loss can be caused by issues like injury, infection or trauma.  A person with long- term memory loss will commonly forget their past such as old friends names or important places that they visited or family members names.

Ayurveda Supplements for Optimal Brain Power

Nootropics or Memory Enhancer Ayurveda supplements are typically single compounds, and while one ingredient on its own may offer brain-supporting benefits, Most of them are formulated with different Ayurveda Natural Ingredients to boost memory.

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