Brahmi health benefits
memory care supplement
brain supplement
bacopa certificates
bacopa certificates
brahmi herbs for mind
bacopa vitamins minerals
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Brahmi health benefits
memory care supplement
brain supplement
bacopa certificates
bacopa certificates
brahmi herbs for mind
bacopa vitamins minerals

Bacopa Monnieri | Brahmi, Brain Supplement Nootropics Booster

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BACOPA BRAHMI : VitaminHaat bacopa brahmi is formulated for both men’s and women’s consumption. It has formulated with natural ingredients such as Brahmi.

HIGH POTENCY : VitaminHaat bacopa brahmi is ideal for those looking to supplement their diet to meet daily nutrient needs. May helps to reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

90 CAPSULES - Each VitaminHaat bacopa brahmi bottle contains 90 capsules and lasts 3 months per individual.

MEMORY, FOCUS, and CLARITY: VitaminHaat bacopa brahmi is natural herbs for multitasking people & students.

SUITABLE FOR MAJORITY OF PEOPLE : VitaminHaat bacopa brahmi Capsules are Vegetarian, Manufactured in a fully FSSAI licensed and Non Gmo, Gluten Free & Soy Free Supplement Which Makes It Suitable For Majority Of People.

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Why Take VitaminHaat Bacopa Brahmi capsules ?

VitaminHaat Bacopa ( Brahmi ) Capsule is an Immunity Booster supplement made from natural extracts of Brahmi to help keep your body and mind active despite the hectic daily schedule. This Immunity booster capsule delivers the same natural properties of Brahmi now in a convenient and easy to consume form. Regular consumption of this immunity booster capsules, VitaminHaat bacopa helps to restore your energy, improve mind performance and to increase immunity. Take care of your health and to be ready for the hectic lifestyle, try VitaminHaat brahmi capsules now!

Stress Buster & Immunity Booster:

Its adaptogenic properties helps to manage stress and boost immunity.

Relieves Fatigue and Weakness:

It helps to stabilize the stress in the body and manages mood swings.

Powerful Mind:

It helps provide a natural boost to keep your mind sharper and perform better.

Facts derived from Ayurveda texts and modern research: Brahmi in Sanskrit literally means 'that which improves intelligence’. The Brahmi herb enhances memory by improving the production of certain brain chemicals involved in thinking, learning, and memory. Brahmi supports to calm the mind, promote clarity of thought, and memory consolidation. The herb consists of potent antioxidant neuroprotective properties that modulate key enzymes involved in generation and scavenging of brain cells. This helps reduce unnatural age-related brain degeneration. Bacopa Monnieri enhances Memory Retention , supports cognitive function. Brahmi tablets also help in treating many memory disorders , anxiety,stress, depression.

Ideal usage for Bramhi Bacopa Monnieri:

  • Improving mental agility, Learning and memory in young adults and working professionals
  • Prevention of age-associated memory problems in the elderly

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Buyers Guide

Since more than 3000 years Ayurveda sciences has been using Brahmi (the name derived from the name of Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati). This is a perennial herb most widely known for its memory enhancing properties.

Often it was used as Brahmi tea that is made by brewing Brahmi leaves, which helps to manage cold, chest congestion and bronchitis by clearing out the mucus from the air passages and thus helps in ease of breathing.

It’s been used as a memory enhancer and Brain tonic for kids because of its property to enhance cognition.

Brahmi oil application to the scalp helps to prevent hair loss as it nourishes and provides strength to the hair roots. It also is used to disinfects the skin and speed up the healing process when applied externally.

It greatly reduces pain and inflammation in the respiratory tracts and throat because to its anti-inflammatory properties. Ayurveda practices have shown that Brahmi powder intake with milk supports in improving brain functions by preventing brain cell damage caused due to free radicals as it possesses antioxidant properties.

As a precaution excessive intake of Brahmi should be avoided as it may lead to nausea and dry mouth in few cases.


Q. Does Brahmi / Bacopa Improves Mental and Cognitive Functions?

Our Ayurveda practices since ages have shown taking bacopa may help to improve your mental performance and cognitive functions. Bacopa leaves contain bacosides, which can improve learning, memory and overall mental function, according to the University of Michigan Health System. Bacopa promotes new nerve production, helps to mend damaged nerve cells and improves nerve signals. According to Drug Digest, different animal studies have found that bacopa can improve learning ability and memory, but human studies haven’t yielded the same positive results. A study of healthy individuals who took bacopa for three months found that the accuracy of their memory improved, and small studies of children in India found that taking 1,000 milligrams per day of bacopa improved memory, reaction time and observation.

Q. How can Brahmi / Bacopa helps in Easing Depression and Anxiety?

If you have depression or anxiety, taking bacopa could help. Bacopa boosts the effects of certain neurotransmitters, including serotonin and acetylcholine, states the University of Michigan Health System. This effect on neurotransmitters is what enables bacopa to decrease depression and anxiety symptoms. According to Drug Digest, animal studies of bacopa’s effectiveness in treating anxiety and depression have produced positive results, finding that bacopa was nearly as effective as common prescription anti-anxiety medications, but without the side effects. Some human studies failed to find any anti-anxiety benefits from taking bacopa, however.

Q. Is Bacopa Monnieri Benefitial for Health and Brain Power?

In Ayurvedic medicine, most Bacopa Monnieri benefits are common knowledge. This plant-derived natural medicinal has been widely prescribed to both children and adults to enhance brain power for centuries in India. Specifically, Bacopa improves memory retention, while eliminating sources of anxiety which stand in the way of great neural function. It is similar in effect to natural Piracetam – one of the best-selling brain supplements of all time. As a part of modern nootropic stacks like Alpha Brain, the benefits of Bacopa Monnieri are amplified even further.

Q. Does Bacopa / Brahmi supports respiratory Conditions ?

Bacopa might help in preventing and healing stomach ulcers, as well as protecting your gastrointestinal tract. Bacopa stimulates production of mucus in the gastrointestinal tract and appears to protect stomach cells, Drug Digest reports. Another action that helps to prevent and treat ulcers is bacopa’s ability to relax the muscles that control the intestinal blood vessels, according to animal studies cited by the University of Michigan Health System. Bacopa may help to treat or relieve your symptoms of certain respiratory ailments, including allergies and asthma. Bacopa relaxes the bronchioles, which often become inflamed or irritated from respiratory conditions. Bacopa extracts also relax the blood vessel muscles around the respiratory airway passages, notes the University of Michigan Health System.

Q. Does Bacopa monnieri / Brahmi support the Fights against Alzheimer’s?

As people age, it’s common for age-related brain degradation to happen. The active compounds in Bacopa, known as bacosides, are beginning to be evaluated for their effects on the brain and human health. Some research has shown the compounds in Bacopa to positively influence brain cells that prompt the regeneration of brain tissue. In one animal study, long-term supplementation with bacosides showed therapeutic value against the rapid degeneration associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Hopefully more will continue to explore its potential benefits for brain health. Any illness or irritation can cause redness and swelling in the body. No location more dangerous than the brain. Bacopa may be helpful at fighting this. Research supports its use for managing systemic redness in the brain caused by the body’s autoimmune response. Much of the research is ongoing; however, the emerging data offers hope for new therapies in the treatment of chronic discomfort and redness.

Q. How to take Brahmi / Bacopa Monnieri?

It’s available in several forms, including capsules and powders. Bacopa monnieri can be purchased online and from health food stores. Typically dose for Bacopa monnieri extract in human studies range from 250–500 mg per day, but it depends on the purity of the extracts.

The powdered form can be added to hot water to make a soothing tea. It can also be mixed with ghee and added to warm water to make an herbal drink.

Although Bacopa monnieri is considered safe for most people. However, dosage recommendations can vary widely depending on the product one buys. If you have questions regarding dosage, speak with a qualified health professional to ensure your safety.


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5 Reviews

Five Star
I bigest Fan of this supplement help for all memory issue

memory is back
often used to see that my father was getting into some kind of dementia and always forgetful...thought to use this product and gradually his memory has improved a lot. Have started on my little champ and can say his report card score has improved

Good for the clarity
Personally used this product as suggested by my Ayurvedic doctor and I am able to see visible difference in clarity of thoughts. As I doing my Phd. I needed something which helps in memory support and deep thinking.

good and working
Find it very effective for my kids and my parents. It has improved the memory to be precise.thanks

I feel betterment in memory and relaxation always thoughtful mind

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