testo xe health benefits
testosterone booster
testo booster supplement
testosterone certificates
testosterone certificates
Libido supplement
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testo xe health benefits
testosterone booster
testo booster supplement
testosterone certificates
testosterone certificates
Libido supplement
Recovery multivitamins

TestoXE Pre Hormone Booster 750 mg, 90 capsules Stamina Booster

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Testosterone Building: VitaminHaat Testoxe Testosterone Supplement Contains Tribulus Terrestris, Kaunch Beej, Ashwagandha, Fenugreek Extract, Safed Musli Extract, Mucana Extract & Piperine. This Is The Effective Combination For Testosterone Support.

Performance & Strength Support: Good Levels Of Testosterone In Body Will Help You To Improve Your Performance & Strength. Which Will Help You To Achieve Your Fitness Goals.

Muscle Support: Testosterone Is Responsible For Increased Muscle Mass. So Testoxe Testosterone Capsules Will Help You To Get Lean Muscle Growth

Energy Support - You Feel More Energize Throughout The Day When You Will Take Testoxe Testosterone Supplement. So You Will Be Able To Do More Intense Workout & You Can Able To Do Your Day To Day Activity More Productively.

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Testoxe Testosterone Booster

Testosterone booster capsules to develop more muscle and assist to build up your power and effort ranges, particularly while blended with a nutritious diet and secure workout regime. VitaminHaat Testoxe testosterone booster contains all natural ingredients.

Increases Total and Bioavailable Free Testosterone

A daily supplement that naturally increases testosterone levels, can help you build lean, dense muscle while helping to melt away fat.

To Gain Muscle and Strength

VitaminHaat Testoxe contains a potent, biologically active standardized extract. It helps to increases the body's ability to gain muscle and strength.

Maximize Power and Stamina

More testosterone in your system provides the extra push you need to perform at your peak during your toughest workout sessions. You'll perform with more stamina when you need it most. Build Lean Muscle Mass

By naturally raising your levels of free testosterone, it improves performance to help sculpt lean muscle. Increase muscle mass and get the results you haven't been able to attain with your regular workouts in the gym.

  • Optimizes male performance
  • Assists muscle growth
  • Enhances energy, focus and strength
  • Improves circulation and physical performance

The Science behind Vitaminhaat Natural Pre Hormone Support Formula TESTOXE by vitaminhaat is a complete formula. It's a Pre Hormone booster capsule which helps in improving stamina. It’s complete coverage of 360 degrees to support the key factors necessary to boost low Pre Hormone levels and increase stamina, strength, drive and lean muscle naturally. TESTOXE 14 active ingredients work through multiple modes of action to support hormones that are shown to produce Pre Hormone to help you perform at your best. Pre Hormone booster helps in balancing hormones and maintaining Higher Energy Levels as well as Healthy Libido.




Pre Hormone is truly the alpha hormone. This is what differentiates the men from the boys. Healthy Pre Hormone levels are most critical for guys trying to build muscle mass, drop body fat, boost in strength and gain that desired competitive edge.

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VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE contains 14 ingredients to give 360 degrees of support provided in effective amounts, shown in research to naturally optimize healthy Pre Hormone levels. The 14 ingredients are: Ashwagandha root extract, Damiana leaf powder, Anacyclus Pyrethrum, Stingine Nettle, Fenugreek seed extract, Mucana Pruriens, Shilajit Ext, Tribulus Terristris, Rauwolfia Ext, Vidari, Museli, Tongat Ali, Piperine and Zinc.

VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE provides a total of 801 mg of active ingredients per serving. When taken twice per day as recommended, it delivers a total of 1602 mg of active Pre Hormone-optimizing ingredients. TESTOXE formula helps to optimize body’s natural Pre Hormone levels to support performance in the gym, great physique results, and overall health.


The ingredients in VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE work to optimize Pre Hormone levels through five separate mechanisms.

  1. Optimization of the Production of Pre Hormone within the Body VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE helps healthy males maximize their natural Pre Hormone production. In healthy males, ingredients in VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE may help promote the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland. LH travels within the bloodstream to the testicles, where it helps promote Pre Hormone production. This ending in promoting healthy Pre Hormone levels.
  2. Support in Healthy Balance between Estrogens and Pre Hormones within the Body VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE supports to maintain healthy levels of enzymes that normally convert Pre Hormone into estrogen. Estrogen is known as the main female hormone, but men also have it. High levels of estrogen can actually decrease Pre Hormone levels. Key ingredients in VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE may help support a healthy estrogen balance.
  3. Antioxidant Support VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE includes ingredients that provide antioxidant support for Pre Hormone-producing cells in the body. Free radicals can wreak havoc on the cells of the body, which disturbs the cells ability to function optimally. By protecting the body from this oxidative stress, VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE helps promotes healthy Pre Hormone levels by allowing these specialized cells to function optimally.
  4. Freeing Up More Pre Hormone in the Body VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE may help the body free up more of its own Pre Hormone. In the blood, Pre Hormone binds to the carrier protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This protein preferentially allows Pre Hormone to circulate in the blood. However, SHBG naturally holds onto Pre Hormone, often preventing it from leaving the blood and getting to the tissues in the body that needs it, such as muscle fibre’s. In the muscle fibre’s, Pre Hormone binds to androgen receptors, which instigates a processes which leads to muscle growth. By helping free up more Pre Hormone in the body, VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE helps us put more of our natural Pre Hormone at work.
  5. Supporting Optimal Pre Hormone Excretion In healthy males, VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE helps promote Pre Hormone levels by supporting a healthy level of Pre Hormone excretion. In the circulatory system of the body, the enzyme UGT2B17 naturally converts Pre Hormone into a molecule known as Pre Hormone glucuronide, which is when it’s excreted from the body by the kidneys; in other words, you naturally pee out your Pre Hormone. This lowers your body's overall Pre Hormone levels.


Like every one of our Supplement Science products, VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE is a non-proprietary supplement that uses the proper amounts of each ingredient and lists it clearly in the supplement facts panel. VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE fourteen ingredients work to support the body’s natural levels of Pre Hormone and have been chosen based on real scientific data published in peer-reviewed journals as well as our experience with clients in the gym.

How to consume?

The recommended usage is two capsules a day or as suggested by your dietitian. Make sure that your fat burner is accompanied by a low-calorie diet for best results.

When to consume?

It is advised that you consume the How to consume? The recommended usage is two capsules a day or as suggested by your dietitian. Make sure that your fat burner is accompanied by a low-calorie diet for best results.

When to consume?

It is advised that you consume the VITAMINHAAT TESTOXE capsule before your breakfast early morning and once prior to your workout.



  1. ASHWAGANDHA Ext: Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract works synergistically to help reinforce the powerful effects in maintaining cortisol levels within the normal healthy range of Ashwagandha which has been scientifically shown to significantly lower serum cortisol levels. Research has also shown that supplementing with Ashwagandha daily can increase muscle mass, total Pre Hormone, strength, reduce body fat and enhance endurance. TESTOXE contains highly concentrated, full spectrum extract that preserves an optimally effective balance of natural constituents of the herb and has the highest percentage of naturally-occurring withanolides from roots.
  2. PURIFIED SHILAJIT Ext: Vitaminhaat uses premium purified shilajit containing dibenzo-a-pyrones (DBPs), DBP-Chromoproteins (DCP), fulvic acid and over 40 different minerals. This powerful organo-mineral compound is obtained from sedimentary rocks in the Himalayan mountains at altitudes between 1000 and 5000 meters. Shilajit is an important remedy of the ayurvedic and has been used for over 3,000 years as a rejuvenator and adaptogen in a variety of conditions. Together, pure Shilajit and Ashwagandha is a powerful combination. Historically, the combination has been used widely as an effective supplement to boost energy levels, and improve libido and overall health. TESTOXE contains purified shilajit to help amplify the effects of Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali, unlocking their powerful synergistic effects.
  3. TONGAT ALI Ext: Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma longifolia, is the only science-based Eurycoma longifolia extract, for bioactive "eurypeptides" and glycosaponins. The bioactive "eurypeptides" are derived from the root of the plant.
  4. Anacyclus Pyrethrum / Akarkara Ext: Our Ayurveda Scripts have defined it as a rasyana also due to its effects on nervine system. Akarkara helps in improving sexual performance in men. It stimulates the secretion of Pre Hormone which improves blood flow to the male sex organ, helps to maintain erection and enhances sperm production. Thus increasing the sexual desire and overall sexual performance. Ayurvedic oils prepared with Akarkara improves sexual performance when used externally. Alternatively Akarkara powder can be consumed because of its Vajikarna (aphrodisiac) property. It may be used in premature ejaculation.
  5. Mucana Pruriens / Kaunch Beej: In our Ayurveda texts and in practice Kaunch beej is widely used for enhancing sexual power. It also improves the quality and quantity of semen because of its Guru (heavy) and Vrushya (aphrodisiac) properties. Mucana / Kaunch beej might help improve the level of Pre Hormone due to the presence of L-dopa. L-DOPA stimulates secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which mainly activates the pituitary gland to secrete FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). Thus increase in the level of FSH and LH increases synthesis of Pre Hormone by Leydig cells of the testis. Mucana Pruriens / Kaunch beej works as an aphrodisiac and helps in increasing sexual desire. It helps to improve sperm count and motility. It also helps to increase the production and quantity of semen. Apart from this, Kaunch beej helps reduce physiological stress and improves semen quality. This is because of its antioxidant properties. Some studies demonstrates that Kaunch beej improves sexual performance by delaying the time of ejaculation.
  6. DAMIANA / Turnera diffusa: Flavonoids, maltol glucoside, phenolics, cyanogenic glycosides, monoterpenoids, sesquiterpenoids, triterpenoids, the polyterpene ficaprenol-11, fatty acids. The flavonoids present in active extract may participate in its pro-sexual effect In folk medicine, it acts as a tonic on the central nervous system and hormonal system. Damiana as an aphrodisiac. Estrada et al. conducted a study to determine whether T. diffusa recovers sexual behavior in sexually exhausted male rats and to identify the main components in an aqueous extract. T. diffusa (80 mg/kg) significantly increased the percentage of males achieving one ejaculatory series and resuming a second one. In addition, T. diffusa significantly reduced the post-ejaculatory interval. The HPLC – ESI-MS analysis showed the presence of caffeine, arbutine, and flavonoids as the main compounds in the active extract. The results supported the use of T. diffusa as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine and suggest possible therapeutic properties of T. diffusa on sexual dysfunction.
  7. SAFED MUSELI / Chlorophytum borivilianum Ext: Tuberous roots of Chlorophytum borivilianum (CB) (commonly known as safed musli) (family Liliaceae) possess immunomodulatory and adaptogenic properties and are used to cure impotency, sterility, and enhance male potency.
  8. Rauwolfia Ext : Rauwolfia extract is useful in reducing the symptoms of sexual weakness and improves sexual health. Taking Rauwofia helps to maintain a healthy sexual life and reduces the symptoms of sexual weakness like erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation due to its Vajikarna (aphrodisiac) property. It increases the levels of the hormone Pre Hormone in men which helps improve the production of sperm.
  9. VIDARI KAND / Pueraria tuberosa Ext: The tubers are aphrodisiac, cardio-tonic, galactogogue and diuretic. The tubers are also used for the treatment of dysuria, emancipation and spermatorrhea and given in malarial fever. As per various Ayurveda texts and Nirgunti’s Vidarikand extract is considered to be beneficial in improving sexual performance due to its aphrodisiac activity. It increases the levels of the hormone Pre Hormone in men which helps improve the production of sperm. Vidarikand is useful in reducing the symptoms of sexual weakness and improves sexual health. Sexual dysfunction in men can be in the form of loss of libido i.e., having no inclination towards a sexual act, decreased erection time or lesser semen expelled after sexual activity (this is also referred to as ‘early discharge or premature ejaculation). Taking Vidarikand helps to maintain a healthy sexual life and reduces the symptoms of sexual weakness like erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation due to its Vajikarna (aphrodisiac) property. *
  10. FENUGREEK / METHI Ext: Fenugreek extract has been shown to promote both bioavailable and free-Pre Hormone levels naturally within the body. TESTOXE contains high potency Natural Fenugreek extract containing 50% level of saponins and protodioscines, from Fenugreek. These phytochemicals aid in the production of luteinizing hormone that supports stimulating the production of Pre Hormone. Fenugreek also may help in reducing the enzymes that convert Pre Hormone into estrogen and by supporting free Pre Hormone levels while also boosting antioxidant levels.
  11. TRIBULUS TERESTRIS / GOKHRU Ext: Tribulus Terrestris has been used from ancient times to the present day as a natural way to boost libido and support levels of Pre Hormone in the body. Tribulus naturally contains Saponins and protodioscine, which are the chemical compounds primarily responsible for boost in free Pre Hormone levels in our Body. Tribulus also may help in reducing the enzymes that convert Pre Hormone into estrogen and by supporting free Pre Hormone levels while also boosting antioxidant levels.
  12. SHATAVARI / Asperagus Recemous Ext: Shatavari is the mother of all herbs as per our Ayurveda. Several Vitality benefits observed, appear to be attributable to the Pre Hormone-like effects of the extracts. Nitric oxide based intervention may also be involved as observable from the improved penile erection. The present results, therefore, support the folklore claim for the usefulness of these herbs and provide a scientific basis for their purported traditional usage.
  13. BLACK PEPPER EXTRACT: TESTOXE contains 10mg of Piperine a purified extract of black pepper, or 95% piperine, which works synergistically to help enhance the absorption of the Key Ingredients.
  14. ZINC: Zinc is one out of the 24 essential minerals, however, the body cannot synthesize its own, so it must be taken in through diet or supplementation. It plays a crucial role in enzymes, immune system function, and protein synthesis. The average person requires roughly 10-15mg of zinc daily to support crucial endocrine functions. In fact, balancing micronutrient deficiencies is one of the key factors in maintaining Pre Hormone levels within the normal healthy range. However, the benefits of this important mineral are dependent on the amount of zinc that is actually absorbed and utilized by the body. The zinc used in the TESTOXE formula is a highly absorbable and premium form of zinc.

Vitaminhaat - From The Manufacturer

Vitaminhaat is striving to be a leader in Natural Health Supplements and Sports Nutrition Segment. Its prime focus is to offer the best bodybuilding supplements like Mass Gainers, Weight Loss, Pre-workout and Post Workout and more. Founded in 2017, Vitaminhaat has become synonymous with product quality, authenticity and cutting-edge performance products at the best available rates. This has been possible due to our stringent adherence to manufacture the purest ingredients and the finished products at our manufacturing plants with use of quality processes –all this to guarantee genuine and quality products, every time. We have an edge over other similar brands as the end product is made at our own FSSAI, HACCP – a certified state-of-the-art plant, to ensure Vitaminhaat is the best sports supplement brand. The aim of Vitaminhaat is to bring forward international grade of fitness supplements in India. This focus and passion resulted in Vitaminhaat from their experience of last 20 years in the International Business. Vitaminhaat has many products in their range, including:

  • Vitaminhaat Whey Protein
  • Vitaminhaat Mass Gainer
  • Vitaminhaat Weight Gainer
  • Vitaminhaat BCAA and more…

To create a path-breaking formulation with unmatched taste, Vitaminhaat ensures to manufacture its products under the guidance of best pharmaceutical experts. It continues to delight their customers with great resulting supplements that are known for their best flavors.

Customer Satisfaction

Vitaminhaat supplements undergo strict quality checks before it reaches you. To provide more power and quality products, Vitaminhaat not only takes purity seriously but also guarantees it. Vitaminhaat is your trusted fitness partner, as it takes a lot for a supplement to become a Vitaminhaat supplement.

Where to Buy Vitaminhaat Fat Burner?

You can buy Vitaminhaat fat burner online on Vitaminhaat.com or Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, 1mg.com, Healthmug.com, Paytm. You can compare different costs and products before you buy a fat burner online. With Vitaminhaat, you can be assured of exclusive discounts and unmatchable offers. You also have the advantage of having the products delivered to your doorstep.


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This is a very strong product and would recommend for people having weight and still want to have fun in life. I request brand to also launch a lighter version

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Using since I came to Goa and must admit this is game wonderful job guys

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