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Vitaminhaat is promoting health and wellbeing by delivering the finest Supplement brands from around the globe directly at your doorstep. We are catering to specific needs of babies, kids, women, men and our aged population. These products are brought to you after total quality assessments by team of experts from Health and Beauty, Dietary Supplements and Nutrition, Ayurveda and Herbal Industry. We specialize in delivering nutritional supplements and ayurvedic herbal formulas and are catering to export markets for last 15 years. Specific vitamins and supplements have distinctive health benefits as proven by modern science. We have authentic products as mostly products are tested by European and American Labs.

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  • 30-days money back guarantee

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More about Vitamin Haat “Haat” is a Sanskrit word for market place in the Indian country side since ages, which slowly developed into Bazaars. Still in rural India and Nepal, Haat is a common market place where the locally produce are sold and traded also on barter systems. These local Haat have weekly systems where they operate twice or thrice in a week. Also when there is “Mela” or local’s carnivals they operate for weeks together selling everything. And it happened that during our exploration of Indian countryside we visited many haat’s and we saw many interesting local products and art work. What caught our attention was the local herbal and ayurvedic products and supplements for all types of ailments. After discussions with locals we were surprised to listen to the outcome of these Ayurvedic products and Supplements. We explored further on these rare herbs and Ayurveda products and found scientific evidences proving the claims to be true. We have elaborated further our site about these products. Just to cut our story short, this is where we got the inspiration to include “Haat” in the name to our online global platform. It’s our sincere goal to preserve “mother nature’s treasure” in the form of online modern market place called as Haat – where we encompass and bring in local produce with Global Markers. We will be exclusively promoting these on ayurveda haat, vitaminhaat, supplement haat, beauty haat, eyes haat, wommens haat, men's haat, children haat.

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