Ocimum Sanctum

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Introduction :

Ocimum Sanctum Generally known as holy basil, tulsi or tulasi. In ayurveda tulsi is an aromatic perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae. It is native to the Indian subcontinent and widespread as a cultivated plant throughout the Southeast Asia. Tulsi might be helpful for various ailments like the common cold, heart diseases, headaches, stomach disorders, kidney stones, and many more.

Health Benefits

boost immunity

Boosts Immunity

blood purifies

Purifies the blood

blood pressure

Lowers Blood Pressure

reduce stress

Reduce stress & anxiety

Joint Support

Ease inflammation and joint pain

Boosts Immunity :-

Tulsi has rich amounts of antioxidants and micronutrients that help fight common ailments like cold, flu, fever, asthma, etc. As an adaptogenic herb, Tulsi can adapt to the body’s needs promoting overall health and strengthening the immune system.

Purifies the blood :-

Tulsi plant is also known to purify the blood, reflecting healthy skin. Also, tulsi tea benefits can work wonders for one's overall health by flushing out the toxins cleansing the digestive system.

Lowers blood pressure :-

Hypertension patients can get significant health benefits as consuming tulsi leaves benefits a person by lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Reduce stress & anxiety :-

Holy basil is a powerful medicine for headaches, anxiety, depression and lack of sleep.

Ease inflammation and joint pain :-

As an adaptogen with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, holy basil provides all of these benefits. It can even help people with arthritis or fibromyalgia.


Tulsi has been shown to boost your body’s health in a variety of ways. It can help protect against infection, lower your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol, ease joint pain, and protect your stomach.

Negative side effects haven’t been reported in human trials, but it’s recommended that you speak to your doctor before incorporating holy basil into your diet. Try to buy it from a reputable source when possible.

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