Herbal Hills Garciniahills - 60 Capsules

Herbal Hills Garciniahills - 60 Capsules


  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Aids in weight management
  • Helps maintain a healthy lipid level
  • Increases the rate of calorie burning

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The active component of Garcinia extract, HCA, is said to lower the synthesis of specific hormones that are associated with the deposition of excess fats in the body. With reduced levels of these hormones, more and more carbohydrates get metabolised. This prevents the accumulation of unwanted fats in the body, because extra undigested carbs get converted into fats and are stored in the body on specific areas. HCA is also linked with reducing the appetite. Consuming Garcinia extract in any form gives people a feeling of satiation even if they eat less, thus aiding in effective weight loss.

Citric lyase is an enzyme that the body uses to convert carbohydrates into fat. HCA inhibits this enzyme and reduces the conversion of carbs into fats. This reduces the accumulation of fats and more carbs get converted into energy. That is why studies have revealed that Garcinia supplements also enhance your energy level.
Another thing that HCA does is that it increases the level of a brain chemical, serotonin. It is a hormone that elevates your mood and makes you feel better about yourself. Low level of serotonin leads to anxiousness, depression, anger and sleep disorders. These feelings can lead to emotional eating, which is eating more to get comforted. Increased serotonin level can improve your mood. When you eat less, your body senses it and uses stored fat to produce energy.
Besides this, Garcinia extract also enhances the metabolic activities of the body. It improves the metabolism of fats in the body, which increases the removal of excess fats.

Health Benefits of Garcinia Extract

•Helps you reduce weight
•Allegedly decreases belly fat
•Increases the feeling of satiety
•Suppresses appetite and unhealthy food cravings
•Reduces the bad cholesterol level
•Enhances the immunity of your body
•Improves digestive health
•Fights stress and reduces depression
•Controls emotional eating
•Acts as a mood elevator

Garcinia supplements are gaining huge popularity among weight-conscious people across the globe. There has been a lot of research done concerning the safety of this supplement and consumers are getting positive results out of it. A balanced diet and regular exercise combined with Garcinia supplements in the recommended dosage can render effective weight loss results. However, like all the other supplements, even Garcinia should be consumed only after consulting a physician.

PackagingHDPE Bottle
Serving Per Pack60
Brand OriginIndia
ConcernAyurvedic capsule for weight loss
OfferLess Than 10%